About Us


The Church in Gainesville was birthed on August 29, 2009 through the ministry of Frank Viola, Milt Rodriguez, and Alan Levine.  These brothers ministered to the church until December of 2010, a span of 16 months, without asking for any financial support.  During this time, these brothers revealed Christ to us beyond what we had seen or understood before.

This revelation of Christ in us and us in Christ is the foundation of our church.  In addition to this, these brothers also equipped the saints of the church to meet together without a designated human leader, and with Christ as the Head of the body through His Spirit. We were also equipped in dealing with various issues that arise through living together in community as family.  Through both the revelation of Christ and the practical equipping, we have learned to gather together and express Christ as a living Person, rather than gathering for a Bible study, discussion group, prayer meeting, etc, as well as learning how to live by Christ’s indwelling life in all areas of life.

After December 2010, Frank, Milt, and Alan left and the saints in Gainesville continued to live and meet together without the oversight of any church planter or authority figure.  While we maintain some contact with them, they are involved in other various ministry endeavors and do not direct the church as they did during the planting phase.  We seek the Lord’s direction for us together and seek to submit to His will.  We do not claim to be perfect at working this out; we simply claim to be His.