Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a few questions that we have found people tend to ask before visiting with us.  If you have any other questions, please use the Contact Us form.


What do you do with children during meetings?

Our group has hired dependable, Christian childcare workers who watch the younger children in the homes of one of the families that meet with us.  This location is separate from the meeting.  Our group has a lot of younger families and so we have a lot of younger children.  When a family feels that a child is ready to participate in the meetings with the adults, then they make that transition.  During childcare there is playtime, a movie, and a snack.

We have found that as we pursue life together daily and have open conversations concerning Jesus Christ with our children present that they pick up and retain an incredible amount of truth about our Lord.


What does a “meeting” look like?

This is very hard to answer, especially because no two meetings really are the same.  What we can say is to expect singing and sharing that is focused on Christ, and all saints functioning and sharing without a designated human leader.  Our desire is that Christ would lead the meeting as Head through the Spirit.  Our meeting topics are usually discussed ahead of time and prepared for so we don’t just have random conversation.


Do you have a meal with your meetings?

We typically do not eat together during our weekly gathering.  We eat and do many other things together during the week, usually in smaller groups as opportunity arises.


Do you have a statement of faith?  What doctrines do you believe?

We do not have a statement of faith.  We affirm the orthodox Christian beliefs, as well as the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.  However, we understand that there are a multitude of views on many topics and we allow each other the freedom to believe as the Lord leads them.  Our primary focus is to know Jesus Christ as Lord.


Do you require tithing?

We don’t require tithing.  We encourage everyone to give as they feel led and are able, following the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to give with a cheerful heart.  We have an offering box to receive gifts to the church and to provide anonymous gifts to others in the body.  We are not a tax-exempt organization.